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HEALTH BASED BUILDING™ - is the brand that champions healthy and sustainable life spaces. Spaces where we live, work, sleep, eat, play. A healthy living environment that achieves human development goals whilst sustaining the ability of natural systems to continue the provision of natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depends – sustainable development in the truest sense.

Everyone talks of the great, healthy outdoors. Yet, nearly all of us spend up to 90% of our time enclosed in buildings – indoors in some way or another. The problem is, as human beings, we don’t ensure our wellbeing within any space. It’s the external objects within the space around us that shape our health. The walls, floors, doors, paint, soft furnishings, fittings, substructure – everything and anything that is chemically advanced, synthetic, processed, or treated. 

Health Based Building can help you, reassess what makes up your space by taking the search out of your equation. We have done it all for you.  Whether you are building, renovating, or simply changing around a few things, Health Based Building is here to provide information and products for you to make your space a healthy place. 


HEALTH BASED BUILDING™ was formed in a joint venture with Hardie & Thomson in 2012. Hardie & Thomson have been resident on the Colombo Street site as timber and joinery suppliers since 1908.