Independent Testing

  • Physical Properties Testing of Magnesium Oxide Sheets per AC386 (Acceptance Criteria for Fibre-Reinforced Magnesium-Oxide Based Sheets)
    - Flexural Strength per C1185-03
    - Dimensions and Tolerances per C1325-04
    - Moisture Movement per C1186-02
    - Water Absorption per C1186-02
    - Compression Indentation per C1325-04
    - Nail Head Pull-through per C1325-04
    - Falling Ball Impact per C1325-04
    - Shear Bond Strength per C1325-04
    - Humidity Deflection per C1325-04
    - Transverse Load per AC376 and E72-05
    - Wet Racking Shear per AC379 and E72-05 section 15
    - Xenon Arc Accelerated Weathering per ASTM G155
    - Surface Burning Characteristics per ASTM E84-05
    - Measurement of Acute Lethality of Thermal Decomposition Products per University of Pittsburgh Test Protocol, December 1988
    - Behavior of Materials in a Vertical Tube Furnace at 750°C per ASTM E136-04
    - Frost Resistance (Freeze/Thaw) per ASTM C1185
  • SCION Bracing P21 x 2
  • BRANZ Flame spread assessment FAR 4338
  • 60 minute fire rating steel and timber framed wall
  • EMSL VOC report
  • Durability report interior wall linings inclusive of wet areas
  • AccreditMark Appraisal AML0001AU Magnum Board 18mm Flooring Underlay
  • AccreditMark Appraisal AML0002AU Magnum Board 16mm Weatherboard
  • BEAL Certifications Magnum Board Rigid Air Barrier appraisal C1405
  • BEAL Certifications Magnum Board Weatherboard appraisal C1410
  • Holmes Solutions flexural testing Magnum Board 18mm Flooring Underlay
  • Firelab 90/90/90 test report / boundary wall.







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