Foreverbreathe™ Wall System

How the system works

  • Air temperature decreases
  • Relative humidity increases
  • Moisture is absorbed into wool fibre
  • Energy is released
  • Air temperature increases,
  • Relative humidity decreases,
  • Moisture is evaporated out of the wool fibre
  • Energy is absorbed.

These exclusive HBB vapour permeable materials form the main component material layers within the system. All come with independent testing of importance to durability and system performance

Terra Lana wool insulation within Foreverbreathe™ wall systems can

  • Act like a very considerable thermal mass,
  • Resist the change in temperature,
  • Flatten out the peak highs and lows of temperature,•Improve the comfort of homes
  • Reduce the energy required to heat and cool a home
  • Wool fibre is hygroscopic ~ it can absorb and release moisture  from the air. This phenomenon is known as ‘breathing’
  • Within specially designed Foreverbreathe™ wall systems, Terra  Lana will absorb moisture vapor, reducing condensation and  creating warmer healthier environments
  • A drier home is easier to heat, healthier and less prone to condensation, mould and mildew.
  • For every litre of water absorbed into and evaporated out of  Terra Lana 0.628 kWh of energy is released or absorbed. A kilogram of dry wool placed in an atmosphere of air saturated with moisture releases about the same amount of heat as that given off by an electric blanket running for eight hours. All absorption is exothermic, meaning that it releases heat. Breaking the hydrogen bond and freeing the water molecule, desorption, requires heat. That is how wool can be cooling as well as heating! Both adsorption and desorption tend to happen very slowly. Learn more

So as temperature is decreasing, Terra Lana could absorb up to 33.7 litres of water (4%*) releasing 21.2 kWh of energy

Moisture Regulation of Wool and Polyester Based Insulation Materials


  • Wool will last the life of a home without breaking down.
  • To remain effective, insulation fibres must trap air and form  pockets of still air. Tiny scales on the fiber surfaces hook them  together so the wool stays fluffed up.
  • The result – longer lasting insulating performance that doesn't  slump over time.


Wool has excellent acoustic insulating properties too, so it helps  keeps the noise down through walls, floors and ceiling.


  • Non-toxic,
  • Non-irritating
  • Protective clothing or mask not required
  • Rips to length and can be cut to size at factory



The wool fibre in Terra Lana actually absorbs toxins such as  formaldehyde out of the air around it.  Wool molecules bind with  formaldehyde molecules in such a way that the result is irreversible  and reemission does not occur.


The wool in Terra Lana is predominantly sourced as short length and  odd colour fibre from carpet manufacturing that is uneconomic for  the carpet manufacturers to reuse themselves.

We recycle all our off cuts and Terra Lana can be recycle at the end of a homes life



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