Mapei Ultrabond S9971K Adhesive Sausage 600ml

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Ultrabond S9971K Adhesive Glue Sausage 600ml

$22.90 per 600ml sausage

Each sausage is suitable for installation of approx 10 sheets of Magnum Board™, can also be used to fix flooring to joists with a coverage of 5m2 per sausage

NON-RETURN STATEMENT: Health Based Building has connected a non-return policy to this product for the purpose of ensuring correct volume is applied and correct environmental management has been in place at point of sale.

Used for adhering Magnum Board™ to framing, solid timber flooring to joists, and timber panelling to Magnum Board™ .

One-component product supplied ready-to-use, no catalyser or mixing is required. Thixotropic, so can be applied in thick layers on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. There is no expansion even when applied in thick layers, so does not alter the planarity of the steps laid. Often used by floor-layers allergic to epoxy and epoxy-polyurethane products, this product does not contain solvents or isocyanates and is easy to clean from surfaces.


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