LVL8 Framing 240x45mm 6.0m length

NZ$125.50 NZ$118.34
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LVL8 framing 240 x 45

Was $125.50 per 6m length, equating to $20.92 per lineal metre

Now $118.34 per 6m length, equating to $19.72 per lineal metre 

FSC Certified NelsonPine Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a structural engineered wood product manufactured from rotary peeled veneers, assembled with parallel grain orientation and bonded with an exterior structural adhesive. LVL is built up with a specific sequence of structurally graded veneer sheets resulting in a finished product that has less variability, a higher strength-stiffness ratio and more predictable performance than sawn timber. The continuous press system used in the manufacture of NelsonPine LVL means that deeper and longer product dimensions are available in LVL than in sawn timber, whilst using a similar log specification as the raw material. The radiata pine veneers used in the manufacture are treated to H1.2 using the Azotek H1.2 glue line plus surface treatment process as per NZS 3640 Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber. Continue your connection to quality construction materials with Magnum Board™ Interior Panelling and Rigid Air Barrier.


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Product Code: LVL8-240X45-6.0M

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