Foreverbreathe Specification with exothermic performance is a unique combination of vapour permeable building components working in harmony with localised ventilation and passive ventilation to reduce air exchanges and diffuse moisture away from the indoor space with minimum energy use and minimal energy loss.

Adhering to aims of sustainable development ensures Foreverbreathe Specification components do not contain harmful chemicals and plastics that impact air quality, human health, and environmental health.

Foreverbreathe Specifications in-built energy saving abilities, and indoor air quality enter when moisture within humidity is diffused through Foreverbreathe walls and ceilings and absorbed by wool insulation. This 24 hour a day process without the need for mechanical intervention ignites an exothermic process within the wool fibre within the wall cavity and converts moisture to free heat.

Foreverbreathe Specification is the future of construction advancing the building industry away from toxic building materials manufactured from plastics and compositions that no longer conform to the aims of society.


Learn why the Foreverbreathe Specification is so good

Uhoo Monitoring & Data Capture In this section we provide confirmation of the important performance categories we monitor and why. 

Specification In this section we include an introductory summary of the aspects of importance to the demonstration homes design and materials involved. Material and product descriptions are connected to links to the products online and suppliers online. 

Focus on Foreverbreathe Specification Components In this section we provide via expanded sectional drawings more detailed understanding of the main components that enable vapour diffusion and exothermic conversion. 

Foreverbreathe Wall System In this section we focus on specific performance outcomes provided by wool insulation within Foreverbreathe Specification and links to independent CSIRO and Ag-research publications. 

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