Underfloor Insulation

Natural fibre Terra Lana wool insulation is key to controlling your homes energy use and humidity level. All insulation looks to be the same until you scratch the surface. Don’t be fooled by R-value statements and low price points. Chemical infused Glass fibre insulation, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in panel form or spray form are the ‘’go to’’ insulation products but their stated insulation R-value is immediately impacted by moisture when installed in your home. Terra Lana wool fibre is hygroscopic ~ it can absorb and release moisture from the air without impacting R-value. This dynamic performance is unique to Terra Lana wool insulation and further enhanced when installed within Foreverbreathe™ Wall Systems. Investing in high performance provides long term health benefits and protection from rising energy costs. HBB has all your insulation needs covered with Terra Lana wool insulation.

Foreverbreathe™ Specification

Underfloor Insulation - Timber Subfloor Structures

Acoustic Midfloor Insulation for floor joists at 450mm centres

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