Foreverbeech™ Laminated Timber Countertops

ForeverbeechLaminated Timber Countertops

Foreverbeech™ Laminated Timber Countertops provide a natural, durable alternative to finishing your home with a decorative statement of your commitment to sustainable milling practices with New Zealand native timbers. Assimilate your raised surfaces with Foreverbeech™ flooring and panelling for a synchronised design of your interior space, or let the natural beauty of the Foreverbeech™ timber make a standalone declaration of your efforts for a premium finish using environmentally responsible products.

Available in the wide range of Foreverbreathe™ Oil colours to best compliment the aesthetic of your home. Pre-coating your surface with Foreverbreathe™ Oil ensures your countertop is suitable for wet areas including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries with easy maintenance, enriching the finish of your countertop and providing a durable finish that is enhanced with every clean.


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