Foreverbeech™ HT48 Engineered Shiplap Cladding Brushed Grain Face 5.4m lengths

Factory Coating
Factory Coating

Foreverbeech™ HT48 Shiplap Cladding Engineered

Brushed Grain Finish

Exclusive to Health Based Building™

$80.64 per 5.4m length

Equates to $165.93 per square metre

115 x 21mm profile, supplied in 5.4m lengths

Vertical or Horizontal

Cover: 90mm

New Zealand’s finest sustainably harvested hardwood cladding, to enrich your home for generations. This truly unique Class 2 hardwood is embedded with significant performance benefits. Sustainability, structural performance, stability, breathability, to name a few. Our company owned profiling operation, coating line and product expertise ensures only heartwood timber is involved and your investment is secure at every stage in the supply line. Your timber can be traced back via our world leading GPS recording practices to confirm its point of origin. Honesty and integrity embedded in this locally produced hardwood cladding that ticks all the boxes.

Select Foreverbreathe™ Oil factory coating using the drop down box to ensure your Foreverbeech™ Cladding is pre-coated ready for installation. Your Foreverbreathe™ Oil top coat requirements can be purchased online and delivered to your location via the product listing below.

Coating Products Required for Oil Finish

Corners and Soffit Mould Profiles

Installation Products Required

Aluminium Corners

Product Code: FB115X21X5400SLFJB