Rhinoz Acrylic Skim 5kg - Top Coat

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RHINOZ RF-102 Acrylic Skim Topcoat 5kg

$65.90 per 5 kg pail

Coverage 37 lm based on 68mm wide single coat application over RHINOZ FX-55 Base Coat to Magnum Board

NON-RETURN STATEMENT: Health Based Building has connected a non-return policy to this product for the purpose of ensuring correct volume is applied and correct environmental management has been in place at point of sale.

A high-performance plastering solution specifically formulated for application over to RHINOZ FX-55 Basecoat to Magnum Board, cement-based boards, and concrete panel systems

Rhinoz Magnum Board Plastering Solution Application Guidelines

Rhinoz Product Guide

Rhinoz Acrylic Skim Technical Information

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