HBB Specification

HBB Specification shifting the first principles in home design to breathability and whole home performance. Air tightness, healthy materials and vapour permeability working in harmony to remove moisture, reduce energy consumption and increase air quality. Built from a system based combination of healthy breathable materials, HBB Specification is simple to design, simple to build and easy to maintain. No need for costly home ventilation systems. No complex layering of wall linings, plastic wraps, material margins or toxic insulation. All human health and environmental aspects covered, including down-stream waste management. Sustainable development in the truest sense.

The HBB specification process can enter at any stage in the design phase and include your builder, architect, or designer. HBB specification examples make it easy for you to understand how the specification process fits seamlessly with your plans to build a new home or renovate an existing home. Our sales and technical support team can be engaged to construct an example specific to your plans. The process is what we call HBB Health Check. A first stage in understanding the specification HBB offers to establish human health, material health, financial health and environmental health.

Visit HBB Health Check this page will hold the generic specification document and lead into what is presented and why.


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