Foreverbreathe™ Wall System

Interior Wall Linings


Rigid Air Barrier






Interior Joinery

Interior Mouldings



Landscaping & Foundation Timber


Heating and Cooling

This home utilises the vapour-permeability of the Foreverbreathe™ Wall System to passively manage humidity and temperature fluctuations. Refer to Foreverbreathe™ Wall System for more information. In the middle of winter, this 400sqm home is heated using a single Pyroclassic IV wood burner with a wetback and 6 radiators. The wetback also heats a 300L hot water cylinder together with an ET30 evacuated tube solar hot water system.

Click here for the Humidity and Temperature Report for this home.

Radiators positioned around the home ensure heat from the Pyroclassic IV is distributed evenly as required

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