Foreverbreathe™ Specification Homes

Foreverbreathe Specification is suitable for use in all built environments. These five homes have been selected to ensure interest in Foreverbreathe Home specification is understanding Foreverbreathe Specification is compatible with all home designs, all sizes, all locations and all price points. Foreverbreathe Specification can be connected to onsite or offsite fabrication methods.

Foreverbreathe™ Demonstration Home

1062 Colombo St, Edgeware, Christchurch

The Foreverbreathe Demonstration Home is our commitment to sustainable development. A fully functional educational space to express what can be done in support of sustainable development and the ease in which a no-compromise approach can be taken. Built environments are major contributors to global warming and human health impacts. The building industry and those that form, construct and supply into it must evolve to a stage where what we are building today is benefiting future generations and the planet. A big thank you goes out to those contributing to the home by way of materials, expertise and innovation. Those involved will be mentioned during the course of the build and within educational events to be held once the build is completed. 

More on what you can expect to experience when you visit the home

Christchurch - Canterbury

Ohoka - Canterbury

Cust - Canterbury

Rotherham - Canterbury

Nest Homes - Mangakino - 110m2

Nest Homes - Mangakino - 10m2

Lincoln - Canterbury Under Construction

Church Bay - Canterbury

Woodend - Canterbury Under Construction