Foreverbreathe™ Architecture

Foreverbreathe™ architecture shifting the first principles in design to the fight against climate change. Air tightness, healthy materials and vapour permeability working in harmony to remove moisture, reduce energy consumption, reduce harmful waste and increase air quality. Built from a system based combination of healthy breathable materials, Foreverbreathe™ architecture is simple to design, simple to build and easy to maintain. No need for energy sapping heating and cooling systems. No complex layering of toxic wraps and toxic insulation. All human health and environmental aspects covered, including down-stream waste management. Affordability embedded in every component. Sustainable development in the truest sense.

Health Based Building (HBB) is proud to announce our recent partnership with the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation NZ’s Sensitive Choice® Program.

The Foreverbreathe Wall System now wears the Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly logo. Following Sensitive Choice’s Product Advisory Panels rigorous review, Foreverbreathe Wall Systems has shown to offer a potential benefit to those with asthma and/or allergies by improving indoor air quality and reducing humidity levels using environmentally friendly, vapour permeable material content. Foreverbreathe Walls Systems are the beginning of what will be HBB establishing indoor air quality standards, with a strong focus on respiratory health for all built environments. HBB can help in establishing your understanding of what to bring to your built environment.

Foreverbreathe™ Demonstration Home

Health Based Building™ are proud to announce construction of the Foreverbreathe Demonstration Home to begin in May 2019. The home is an emphatic statement of support for sustainable development. The homes location out front of HBB 1062 Colombo Street Christchurch provides ease of access for all interest groups and most importantly those looking to purchase a new home. HBB sales team members will be based within the home to ensure your understanding of Foreverbreathe performance is complete and inclusive of connection to construction partners.



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