Foreverbreathe™ Wall System


Foreverbreathe Wall Systems

Let the structure do the work. Foreverbreathe Wall Systems, shifting the first principle in design to breathability. Air tightness and vapour permeability working in harmony to remove moisture and increase air quality. Built from a combination of natural breathable materials, Foreverbreathe Wall Systems are simple to design, simple to build and easy to maintain. No need for energy sapping moisture management systems. No complex wraps or toxic insulation. All human health and environmental aspects covered, including down-stream waste management. Sustainable development in the truest sense.

Foreverbreathe Wall System 24 Hour Cycle
Foreverbreathe Wall System 24 Hour Cycle

System options will be priced on request and inclusive of; Foreverbeech and Earthen cladding options, Magnum Board rigid air barrier Foreverbreathe exterior oil coatings, Foreverbreathe exterior paint, cavity battens, LVL framing, wool insulation, liquid flashings, Magnum Board interior wall linings, Foreverbreathe interior paints, fixings and shipping.

Product Presentation

Foreverbeech HT48 Cladding Technical Manual

Foreverbeech HT61 Cladding Technical Manual

Earthen HT48 Cladding Technical Manual

Earthen HT61 Cladding Technical Manual

Magnum Board Rigid Air Barrier and Weatherboard Technical Manual

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